Improved preview button

It would be interesting if the PREVIEW button could show in real time the progress of a runing job.

To see the real time you have to go in device settings, then in additional settings and click on read from MB (or something similar).

@smathieu, Thank you for offering your thoughts. ‘Real-time progress’ would require a significant amount of communication between your device and LightBurn to present real-time monitoring, updating the cursor location. This offers little value for the communication expense, and can encourage unattended or remote laser usage, which we do not condone nor promote. We have seen too many, “I just had to answer the …” pictures and want to be able to sleep at night. :slight_smile:

@killrob, yes - you can adjust the time estimate simulation presented in ‘Preview’ to better match real life, but this is different. :wink:

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