Improvement suggestion: keyboard shortcuts for moving laser

I find that when trying to make fine adjustments to the laser position, I have to look back and forth between the laser and LightBurn to hit the appropriate move button (using Print and Cut is the most common time).

It would be useful to have a set of shortcut keys that move the laser around at the set step size. I see that the keyboard arrows select the various open windows. Perhaps you could set ASWD to move the laser, or maybe when the Move window has focus, you could switch the arrow keys to control.

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We always do that on cnc router with numeric keypad

The laser can be moved with the numpad arrows (even the diagonals) as long as NumLock is on.

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Hey Oz this is great news as I’ve often wondered about a feature such as this just like Ben Smith. However this feature doesn’t seem to be active in my system. Is there a toggle somewhere similar to the Fire Button toggle that needs to be enabled?

Thanks, have a day!

There’s no button to set, but the Edit Window (the grid area) is what interprets the keys and sends these commands, so you have to click there first to make sure it “owns” the keyboard input.

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