In Lightburn software fill speed set to 550 but Rudia is only 300

Hello everyone, I am new to the laser world. I am doing my first few trials here and must say I seemingly hit a rock wall. The first thing we notice is that when we set the fill layer in light burn to 550mm/sec, but when we hit the go button. the Rudia Control reads the speed as 300 mm/s Is this a setting i need to look at or change in light burn?

I guess it is because 300 mm / s is the max that the machine is set to (the question is then whether the machine can handle it at all)

I will circle back with the manufacturer of the laser. Thank you

Where is the controller showing you 300?

What is the Max X speed in the controller set to?

‘Edit → Machine Settings’…

Screen shots are best, photos also work.


here is the picture of the Rudia Controller

Might have something to do with the laser reading in mm/s and Lightburn set to inches.

It’s probable you have a max setting of some other value.

It does say 600mm/s for the red and 550mm/s for black. Your layer is set to 4000 at 12?


You’re looking at the wrong area. The circled part is the speed setting for your layers. The Red layer is set to 600 mm/s and the black is set to 550 mm/s. The Speed and Power you are looking at in the upper right is the speed that’s used when using the arrow keys to move the head manually. The power settings there are used for the power when hitting the pulse button.

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