In search for DXF and/or SVG fillet gauges

It’s easy yet a bit time consuming to design fillet gauges for like radiuses of 2mm ~ 50mm or so. before I make some, If you are familiar with free designs either as dxf or svg please share those.


Do you want them to look like this?

If not, do you have a picture of what you are looking for?

Hi Ralph, Yes - That’s the basic idea.
I have started converting STL to DXF using Fusion but Fusion does not like projecting Meshes converted to BRep. the ones in this link are for few sizes each since they are to be 3D printed. i have printed some in the past but now wish to make new ones from Acrylic so i don’t mind having each size separately. Its easy to make these using Lightburn but it only makes sense to check here before I spend the time.