In the market for a new tube (upgrade)

Hello! I currently have an 80W. I want more power, so I am considering upgrading my tube/PS. My unit is an OMT, and has a removable panel on the right side of the unit, so I’m thinking I can build an enclosure and use a longer tube. Anyone ever done this? I am considering a Reci, but I have not been able to find what the differences are between the W, T, and CR models. It looks like the T models are not quite as good of a life as the W (>8000h with 300d warranty vs >10,000h with 365d warranty). The T is only 65mm diameter, while the W and CR are 80mm. The CR has a 7m warranty but couldn’t readily find the rated life, and I didn’t find the CR model at all on Reci’s site. There’s quite a bit of price difference between them, $865, $418, $229 (W, T, CR, respectively).

My machine has this panel removed to accommodate a W6 tube’s length.

CR is a Cloudray laser tube (not Reci). I do not know who is actually producing those. They do not visually appear to be made by Reci.

Reci W Series Manual
Reci T Series Manual

Ahhh…. Thanks, didn’t catch that!!! No wonder they’re so cheap…. For the price difference, you could go through more than three CRs for the price of a Reci W…. That is what I would do too, make an enclosure and have it stick out the opening on the right…. Where did you buy your tube and PS from?

My entire machine was custom ordered and built by Unique CNC.

Your 900 x 600 machine (same size as mine) with an extension should be able to fit a W4 or W6. As for a PSU, the MYJG150 works well for the W6 and should be able to be adjusted (trimmed back) for the W4 parameters. If you do go with a W4 tube, you could get the MYJG100.

If today I needed to buy either a tube or power supply, I would probably use cloudray. They seem to be fairly reasonable.

I moved my tube and it sticks out a bit, ended up 3d printing a cover.

The end covers don’t seem to be readily available.