Inclined initial cut

Hi guys, who can help me solve this? Mirrors perfectly aligned, speed 2 mm / s power 72 min 75 max assistance on air, lens correctly positioned and clean. The only initial cut on the left side turns out to be tilted while the other three are perfectly straight and perpendicular, what can I correct?

What is the hardware/firmware you are using. Looks mechanical but need to know more about your setup.

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I work on many machines with different configurations, but they are always Ruida 6442s controllers, latest firmware available and lightburn 9 or RdWorks 8.01.18 software

the problem occurs only on some machines and always only on the Y axis at the first cut (top left origin)

Using Lightburn the first cut do it from the bottom left to the top and then move to X to the right and go down to Y closing to the left X

Do you get the same results running the same file in RDWorks?

Yes, even with Rdworks, could there be little initial air assistance and therefore the material does not evaporate well initially?

If you are getting the same results running the same file in both software, it is either the file itself or mechanical issue. Post the file and I will take a look.

I don’t think it’s a problem of the file, it’s a test file created at the moment and always different, generally I make a rectangle of 50mm x 20mm on a thickness of 15mm that allows me to see the error, and done with both Rd and LB

testfile.lbrn (1.7 KB)

How thick is what you are cutting? It sounds like beam drag, maybe?

Confirming no prob with this file that I can see.

Have a look at this video from Russ about beam drag.

they are 15 mm thick of an acrylic