Include Calibration card with camera sales!

When someone buys a camera, you should include the calibration card. Not everyone has a printer.

It would make the shipping much more expensive - The card has to be perfectly flat, and we have no idea what size will be correct for your machine. If the card got creased during shipment it would make it useless, and preventing that would make shipping them much more expensive.

Any local Staples, Kinkos, library, etc should be able to print it for you.

I am disabled and cannot leave my house. I will buy a printer! I was just thinking, on the box my camera came in, you could print it on the cardboard! But I didn’t realize different sizes were necessary. I tried to use the laser to burn the circle pattern onto some things but I’m not sure that it did a great job calibrating the camera… everything is an inch or two off.
Thank you for your reply!

We could, conceivably print or adhere it to the inside of the box, but even those get “bowed” sometimes from shipping - we use different packaging depending on the order, so it could work for some.

It’s possible to use your laser to engrave the circle pattern onto white card stock or light colored wood, but it would have to be nice and crisp to get the best results, so we recommend printing it. We also have presets for the calibration for most of the cameras we sell - the only exceptions at the moment are the new 8mp-85 and 8mp-120, but I’ll get those done soon too. If you got a 5mp camera, you can just choose the correct calibration preset for it and you don’t need to print anything.

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