Inconsistent Engravings

Hi, long time lurker first time poster. I have been laser engraving for about a year now and I have been running into a plethora of issues. I can normally find my way through it but I’m really stumped now. Ever since I had a tech look at the machine ( wasnt getting circles) the speed and power values are all out of wack.

When I first started I would engrave at 30 speed 70 power now im at 3 speed 70 power, and after the tech it went back up, suddenly im back to 3. Its just not making sense to me. I will engrave the same type of tumbler perfectly fine one day then have to drastically change the settings another day. Just would like some insight as to what could be going wrong.

Please lmk what info you would require from me.

Can we get some images of your laser’s output and the files you used? When you say you weren’t getting circles, does that mean you weren’t getting circles while engraving tumblers? You might need to calibrate your mm per rotation if you’re engraving a circle on a tumbler and it’s lasering an oval.

Hi, I’m getting circles now. My main issue is now when engraving tumblers I cant get past the paint layer at all. The same settings I normally use no longer work.

from the one on the right the sh aren’t as engraved as the following letters. Not quite sure how to send you the files I used. Everything is leveled. The left and right have the same settings.

Do you have a laser power supply that displays the electrical mA current?

If the settings used to work for you previously but they aren’t now, I would investigate your laser’s power supply and the tube!