Inconsistent speed 1.2 galvo at random

Had some odd things happening last night. Since 1.2 release, Its been working flawlessly on my galvo, but last night the speed was changing randomly, almost like communication lag. It would start engraving full speed then about 1/4 of the way through ( using flat bed or rotary, vectors and images) all of a sudden it would slow down to a crawl, like from 1200 mm/sec to 1 or 200, it would run like that for a bit then speed back up to full speed for a few seconds then drop back down.
Was watching PC system resources and they PC was barely off idle state, definitely wasn’t working hard to process the files. Made sure windows wasn’t updating or defender wasn’t scanning. Did the typical, reboot everything and problem still continued.
Today it seems to be working fine, quite possibly just the computer freaking out for some reason🤷‍♂️
Using Windows 11

Any one else have anything like this happen?

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