Incorrect sizing

I am making the finger joint box for the coasters. It has worked beautifully before. Now two sides are right but the other two, the bottom fingers are correct but the side ones are too big. Looking at the program, they are right, fit perfectly on the screen but are off when lasered. Weird. Also circles are oval. This all happened after the new update. Any help???

Sounds like you need to do and X Y axis calibration in Lightburn. Also, check these things:

  1. Loose belts in the direction you have a difference in measurement.
  2. Is this difference happening in all quadrants of the bed the same?
  3. Make sure the laser head is 90 degrees to the bed front-back and left-right.
  4. Make sure the lens is not loose inside the tube/housing.
  5. Are you using an online box generator? If so, report this anomaly to the programmer for the box designer. I had a problem just a few days ago with an online box generator, report the problem, and the programmer found an error in the code an corrected it.

Roll back your version of lightburn to 0.9.24

I noticed some of my veneer cuts were randomly smaller than the rest. Turning off kerf offset fixed the issue. You can use “Offset Shapes” to manually resize each object or roll back your update.

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