Increasing Interest in Laser

My interest has grown rapidly since I acquired my Atomstack, now need some outside thoughts. First I am not going to be able to speed a lot of money on a Co2 laser. (retired living on SS) That being said I have a Shapeoko XXl and want to install a laser on it for the added cut area. I see that there are least two lasers that get a lot of attention. The J-Tech Photonics and Endurance which I want to investigate the capabilities of each. But really not sure what questions to ask. I tend to go big as I can afford when I get into something. The current laser was to learn and experiment on to see if I would like it. I can say I am hooked. I have added a camera, safety shielding, exhaust on the cabinet and air assist.

I know that engraving is the main focus on all the normal materials, wood, tile, metal and acrylic. Cutting is not something I have given much thought to since it doesn’t seem that above 0.125 thick material can be cut for the finances I plan on spending.
Endurance has the 10 watt while J-Tech has I think the 7 watt. (I may not have my facts right). How much power does one need to do engraving on the materials I have listed. And sitting here I wonder about slate and granite. I do plan on investigating the multiple layers of paint engraving.
How much power do i really need for these type of projects. After laser engraving a couple tile projects speed seems to be a major issue. Does more power get more speed? What do I need to consider? I appreciate any and all thoughts and suggestions. I apologize for the rambling.

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There’s a listing that has the JTech 7 watt and some goodies for a reduced price here on the forum. I also have the AtomStack A5 Pro and am already itching for more power.

On the diode lasers you have be keenly aware of how it’s being rated. Example: Ortur 20W is really a ~5W output diode laser but they claimed it consumed 20W so bigger is better right? :confused:

Others will stick with the output power rating. There is lots which can be done with even a “15W”/3-4W laser diode and another thing to be aware of is generally the higher the power the larger the oval point you can focus down to. My “15W” has a slight oval shape and it will but a thinner line along the X than it does the Y and it therefore cuts a little deeper in the X than the Y. The 20W diodes have a much larger/longer oval shape but you can help with a 3 element lens.

Lots of things to be aware of and try to figure out depending on your desire. Some people even keep a little “7W”(~2W output) for fine detail work because of the much smaller dot it focuses down to.

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