Incredibly frustrated :(

I am a mac user (10.15.7) and currently have the 0.9.24, which I think is the most up to date. The software keeps terminating during designing, when I try to use the camera on the laser. It feels like the days when I used to use a windows PC.

I’m sure I’ll get jumped on by other users and I am sure it works well for you. But consistency has been disappointing for me. When it works, the software works well. How the heck do I get the software not to keep crashing!

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First, please accept our apology for not responding sooner. This is not common, but it did slip through.

Next, LightBurn should not crash. If it does, we want to know, so thank you for reporting. Do you get a crash report when this happens? We would like to see that. You can copy and paste here if that helps or send to, include a link to this post for context, and we can take a close look.

What do you mean by “designing”, are you drawing something, editing an image? Are you saying that if you are not using the camera, you do not experience this crash?

Can you share a bit more detail as to what you are doing when this happens? Can you reproduce this crash using a step-by-step process, or is it more random?

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us “see” what is or is not happening for you, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

OMGosh!!! This happens to me MULITPLE TIMES DAILY and I lose my project!

I need help!!! Lightburn won’t send my file to my laser. Can I redownload the old version till you fix the bug in the new version?

Sorry to hear you are also having an issue, but you are not offering much we can work with other than yelling. No need for that. :slight_smile:

Let’s start with which version of LightBurn and macOS are you running?

We do offer a complete repository of releases, allowing one to select the version of choice by clicking this Older Version.

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