Info about text radius or diameter

Please add options for displaying the diameter and radius of the text when bending on a circle

Uncertain if you want it to be showing in real time - or if you want to see the radius or the shape

You can do the latter, so if you were to need a specific Radius maybe “apply text to path” could be a work around?

It doesn’t work the way I want it to. If you do this, text to path, the text is no longer editable and you cannot work on it. The best solution is to bend the text by dragging the mouse while editing the shape, but there is no information about the diameter (radius) - the measurement tool does not work in this case.

It’s not exact, but I find it’s typically close enough to draw a guide circle or two or three (inner, outer, centerline) representing the needed curvature and then bend the text to fit. This leaves it editable and I can also shift things around in a way that text along path doesn’t allow.

Doesn’t help with compound curves and other odd shapes, but I find it more than acceptable for circular text.

You sure text along path converts the text to path objects? I don’t a do a LOT of text along path, but I swear I’ve edited the results when doing so. I could certainly be misremembering, tho. Now, warp operations, OTOH, definitely break text editing. :slight_smile:

Sorry, you can edit

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