Ing power level on my laser

I have a K40 40 watt co2 laser and I’m not sure whether I should set my machine to 100% power and let lightburn control it thru software or does lightburn override any settings I set on the machine to control the power output ?

Stick to 16mA, about 55% in LightBurn, that’s what it can handle without overload.
(I assume you have an ammeter built on the machine)

I was just about to install a meterand adjustable pot, still using the digital % meter that came with it

I would highly recommend getting it installed, without you are never sure of your output power and risk ruining the tube.
What kind of controller do you have?

I just installed an omtech upgraded smoothie board, so whenever setting a max power in lightburn it should never excede 16 ma is what I’m getting is that correct. I wanted to do some of the the power and speed tests, so in those my max power should never be more than 55% ? I’m new to all this and at 70 years old a little slow on the take up .

It’s correct (in my opinion) that you should stick to the 16 mA, but I doubt that your controller “automatically” reduces your max output power. It is “normally” regulated with a small potentiometer directly into the power supply.
Stick to the 55% max in LightBurn - until you can visibly control what comes out of the mA on the machine. - that’s what I meant.
70 is a good age which gives you the advantage of many years of experience, so no whining here :wink:

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