Initial connection

I have a Omtech AF2028 80 C02 laser. I have the Lightburn software i already use for my xTool d1 diode engraver. it works fine, but when trying to connect the Omtech laser it cant find it. This is the first time trying to connect this laser. I have it connected via USB.

Did you purchase a DSP license for the Ruida?


Im glad you asked that. I finally got it to connect. I wasn’t aware that the USB cable I bought from Best Buy wouldn’t work. Ended up driving an hour away to the guy’s house who I bought the unit from and got the USB that came with the Laser. It now connects, however, it is telling me that I need to buy the DPS license. I bought a Lightburn license from OMtech last night. I haven’t used it. Should I deactivate the license I currently have and insert the one I got from OMtech?

If possible switch over to Ethernet… no cable/driver issues… just plug and play.

You can run your grbl with any Lightburn, so deactivating the license and using your new key should activate it…

There is no advantage, that I know of, to purchase a license from OMTech… Lightburn doesn’t give them a break either…

Good luck


I don’t have a router out here in my shop. only Wifi, So the Ethernet cable isn’t and option. So basically, I’m stuck with both of these licenses?

Lightburn basic is for grbl machines, when you upgrade to more of a commercial controller you have to pay for the costs…

Wifi is fine, but there must be a router somewhere…If you have more than one device on your lan…

Just keep in mind the Ruida has a fixed (static) IP that you will probably have to change to fit your lan. You will probably have to advise your router that it cannot issue that IP to some other device… This is called binding, by binding the MAC address of the Ruida to whatever IP you have it set.

I’ve used wireless bridges and currently run the Lightburn PI Bridge.

Before the Lightburn PI Bridge, I used a $12 wireless bridge on mine. The PI bridge has a layer of software in it to make it work with the Ruida more effectively…


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