Inkscape File not opening correctly in Lightburn

I designed a file in Inkscape, but when i opened it in Lightburn all the graphics did not show up. Whats the right way to save an Inkscape file so it open up correctly in Lightburn? Also, what are the right steps to open up the file so I can use the print and cut feature?

I’ve always exported the graphic as a png, then dragged it into lightburn. Haven’t had any experience with print and cut.

I don’t quite understand that. PNG is not a vector format, what do you do with that file?
Inkscape normally saves the files in .svg format, so is normally imported into LightBurn as a vector “drawing”.

I didn’t understand the question. I did read somewhere in the forums that an svg saved as a plain svg, not an Inkscape svg, wouldn’t necessarily be compatible with lightburn. Sorry I couldn’t be of help.

If you want to work in LightBurn with drawings, they must be in a vector format such as ai, pdf, svg, dxf…

png, jpg, bmp, gif, etc. are image formats.

By the way, I experience no problems importing svg files from Inkscape.

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