Inner space of closed letters also fill

I’ve never had an issue with “Fill” lettering before, but for some reason I am now experiencing letters like “o”, “B” that have their inner spaces also becoming filled as well. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!

You do not indicate the size here Is it possible your image is too small? Upload the Lightburn file so we can see what you re trying to accomplish.

Hi Mikey, Thanks for getting back!
The text height is 1/4". We use smaller letters on files that we made the same way previously with out any trouble.

letter fill issue.lbrn2 (24.7 KB)

Not sure why “Used to work but not now.” I tried to Ungroup the letters so I could maybe isolate the “D” in this case. Did not. I also noticed there was some partial dark shading in other letters, so I figured it was an image. I messed with it a little using this assumption.

Box your design and click Preview. You will get a clue as to what was giving you grief.

I recreated your work using Lightburn and got better results. I added this to your original LB file for you to compare. By the way, it took me a bit to find it out there at 6000 and whatever. :nerd_face:

letter fill issue-2.lbrn2 (70.4 KB)

Thanks for your help. Sorry it was way out in outer space, its part of a larger drawing with several other parts and I just deleted everything else and saved the file. Two things I noticed: 1) the drawing you sent back was on a newer version of Lightburn, mine needs to be updated. And 2) once I created a new file without all of the other pieces and layers the issue stopped occurring. I think having so many components in the drawing things got confused, even after deleting them the other component and layers. Either way with your help trouble shooting this I am able to get the letter fill to behave as it should!
Thanks Mikey, I appreciate your help!

I do not know if the .LBRN2 files are backwards compatible. Did it load?

By the way, $30 is a cheap upgrade. :grin:

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