Inquiry on Multiple Engraving

Hello… I was wondering if there is a way to engrave each image individually when engraving multiple images at a time? for example, I am trying to engrave several 4x4 blocks of wood each with a different image which has to be centered differently… when I have the images in the program it shows me the entire area the engraving will cover… id like to be able to just frame each block indvidually



Enable this, then select the items you want to frame or send.

Thank you! now is there a way to choose which image engraves first? for example it wants to cut all the images at once that are in a line but I want it to complete an entire image than move onto another.

thank you

i will put the elements on different layers and determine in the layer hierarchy the order.

In the fill layer, set “Fill groups together”, then make each thing you want filled a single group.

THANK YOU! one final question… some of these dont come out good when I use flood fill and I am wondering how I can change the engraving settings for each one on their own? as you can see I only have one cuts/layers option.

You should simply NOT use flood fill for anything that complicated. It’s not intended for complex shapes, and the paths it takes can bounce around a lot. If your machine has any backlash or looseness at all, that jumping around will show up as gaps or overlaps in the engraving.

In the Fill settings, just set ‘Fill shapes individually’ or ‘Fill groups together’ and then group the shapes you want filled at the same time. You should also go to Edit > Device Settings and turn on ‘Fast Whitespace’ and set a speed, like 3000mm/min for the whitespace speed. That will help a lot.

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