Inserimento G-Code

E’ possibile inserire comandi G-Code completi ?
ES: G1 X100 Z50 M3 S2000 F100
Grazie per le eventuali risposte…

If I understand correctly, you want to insert some g-code into your program through Lightburn?

I don’t think you can currently do this. You’d have to write some script or code that adds it to your gcode file after lightburn has output it.

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You can manually trigger GCode commands of your choice by defining a Macro button. If you are looking to customize the Gcodes LightBurn creates then we do not currently have a way to do this. You would have to save the GCode file and process it with a script as Blake suggests.

You can enter GCode commands directly into the console by typing them and pressing enter. If you plan to use the same command many times, the macro button suggested by Ray would be the better choice.

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