Install Lightburn for design only


I have 2 PCs on my network. 1 in the comfy warm home office, other in the not so warm workshop rigged upto the laser.

Is there a way to have my fully paid version rigged upto the laser and then a version purely to create and edit the laser files. I often find i want to edit work ive done but having to go out the workshop turns me off.

I wanted to just use the home office version to purely edit files. Is this possible or is there a way?

How many computers can I use it on?

The license key lets you use the software on up to two computers at once, they don’t have to use the same operating system, and a license can be easily moved if you get a new computer. If you need to use it on 3 machines, we’re happy to update your license to allow it, at no cost. If you need more seats, or a floating license setup, we can do that too - contact us for pricing and details.

Groovey cheers

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