Installation question

Hello all. I have been using lightburn for a while on my nuc with no issues. I just installed on another nuc to replace this one. Now i cant get it to communicate with the laser. I am connected via usb.

What have you tried and what results are you seeing? Version of LightBurn and which OS are you using? Have you ever had a successful connection with this new computer? In LightBurn, do you have a known working device profile defined? Did you select a known working USB port to communicate over in this new setup? How long is the USB cable and is it connected to a hub of any kind? Is this a cable you have had success with before?

Tell us more about the exact steps you have tried and the resulting observations, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

Basically I have 2 identical nucs. I was using the same nuc to control my laser and I have been building A CNC mill that I need to operate this one with. The nucs are almost identical this one is actually newer. I’m using Windows 10 home edition on both of them , the same USB cord that is about 10’ long, all the USB ports are functioning properly I tested with my wireless mouse. I plugged it back into the original nuc and it functions as advertised. The laser that I have is a rabbit using the ruida controller. I’ve tried going in and adding it manually it’s just like it does not recognize it even being plugged up.

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