Installed on new computer

I installed lightburn on a new Computer (old computer broken) and everything worked fine yesterday and most of today. Opened lightburn and used it this evening, closed it, came back 10 minutes later and it asked for the license key again, now its telling me that key can’t be used.

I get you don’t want people distributing keys…but now I am in the middle of a large order and have no software…

Now what?

Edit: I actually have two keys, one I directly purchased in 2019, and the one that came with my machine from CamFive (purchased under a year ago)…both give the same error.

It is always best to reach out using email for any License issues, as we want to avoid sharing personal information here in public.

That said, please try again now. I cleared all seats found under your email address use here. You can do the same using the License Management Portal.

If you have any further issue with your license, please open an email ticket:

Thank you very much, I was a bit stressed for a minute. I just got flooded with orders right in the middle of trying to replace a broken computer.

Greatly appreciate the quick response, wish more companies worked like that.


Lightburn support is phenomenal.

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