Installed onto a Microsoft Surface pro but cant read the screen

Hi, I have had lightburn installed onto my surface pro, but the writting on the screen is minute. Has anyone found this? and how have they fixed it ? I have increased the sizing to the max but the tool bar is still very very small - help !

This is due to the software not supporting higher resolution screens dynamically. A lot of gaming computers have this issue, as they have a very high pixel density. For example: Both lightburn, and Adobe creative cloud 2019 do this on the surface pro. Adobe 2020 fixed this, as people were screaming about it online. The software fills the screen, but the menu sizes are absolutely tiny!

A solution, is to reduce the resolution of the screen. bring it down to something like 1980 x 1080. then that particular app will look better, however everything else will be huge… There are also some other settings in your display settings menu in windows, which may help a bit.

default scaling is usually set to something like 125. you can crank that up a bit as well if you want, but any of these settings are going to be global, and affect all of the apps that run normal size on the surface.

On my 4K screen, I have found that, while I can get the fonts and toolbars to show full-sized in my resolutions, the Move buttons remain very small. Changing the size of the toolbar icons does not have any impact on the Move buttons, unfortunately.

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