Installed software but no laser library

Trying to find the laser library, I have 22 days left on my trial period

You make the Material Library available by enabling Window->Library.

However, based on the wording of your post it sounds like you’re expecting a prepoplated Library for cut settings. That is not something that comes with LightBurn. You need to either create your own library entries or import them from a separate source.

So I guess I was reading into the text that I could download the material library into the library of lightburn. Or do I use the pdf file that came with the laser?

If you have a backup you can import (as well as export) into the Library. It would need to be in the proper LightBurn format for this to work… typically exported from LightBurn or created with a tool that uses LightBurn format.

You could start with the PDF as a reference and create the entries. Some folks with certain models have automated the extraction of entries from a particular PDF or file to create entries. But honestly, unless you’re dealing with hundreds of entries I’m not sure if you’re saving any time.


I am experiencing the same problem.

Understood regarding the Laser Material Library, How about the Arts Library? The arts library is also blank, not sure if it should have some pre-loaded.

Thank you


No. Nothing will be pre-populated for either Library.

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