Installed the new 1.2.01 update no license transfered

I just updated to 1.2.01 per the notice when I started lightburn tonight. completed the update and looked at the license management and there is a sliding scale stating 241 days of updates remaining in license. it does say license valid where the license key blank is?? Please explain Thanks

When you buy your license you are eligible to receive all updates released within the period of one year from the time of purchase. Even after that time has expired you are eligible to use any version of LightBurn released during or before that eligibility period. It sounds like in your case you have 241 days remaining in your update eligibility period.

HI Oz and crew,
I thought I renewed my older license, in November last year, and went to download the newest version tonight.
When I logged in to check my licence, it said validity 380 days , status expired.
(what does validity 380 days mean, please?)
and says it expired on 22 June 2022 just gone. (creation July 2018)
Does that mean I can only currently update my version to the 1.1.04 from last April?

Sorry if the answers are obvious, but I had a look and could not find them,

It also says ‘1/2 activations’ (Does that mean I’m allowed to install it on a 2nd PC ? Or what does that mean? When I originally signed up, we were only allowed one installation.)


Your key is never displayed in LightBurn. The software is used in places like schools or maker spaces where the users are not always the owner of the license key. ‘Validity’ is the period of time your license was valid for when you first purchased it (we gave everyone who bought very early a little extra time).

Expired means that your update period has passed. You can only update to versions before your key expired, or you can renew the license to add a year of updates from now.

Read here:

That’s incorrect - it’s always been two by default, 3 by request, as the page linked above says.

Thanks - and apologies for my forgetfulness.
I’ll renew again shortly.
Best wishes

Thanks for the reply, make sense
Have fun

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