Installing Lightburn on Linux

I had LightBurn installed on this laptop before I installed Linux as the original OS (Win 10) was so slow it was nearly going backwards. Now I need to install it again now I’m running Linux. But I don’t know how. There aren’t any videos on installing to Linux or none that I can find. So I’ve come here hoping some one has installed the software to a Linux system and they can tell me how they did it. I’m not sure how to open 7zip files on here so keep it simple please.

Thanks a lot


I’d suggest just following the documentation:
Installation & Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

I’m sorry to have wasted your time here. I looked at that link and have now installed the software to my Linux OS. Can you tell me where I might find my Licence Key? (Can’t find it anyware)

It would have been emailed to you when you first purchased. If you can’t find it there then suggest you login to License Portal and find your license there.

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