Installing Lightburn on Network

Hiya. I have installed LB on a pair of computers in our house, a desktop and a laptop. We have network storage where I would like to be able to put the LB settings files (laser settings, LB settings and libraries etc) so that we may be able to access the same settings across both machines. I’m unsure which files I would need to move and then point LB to where they now reside OR if this is even possible as of right now in the current version. I’m using my laser on a network and everything has been fine in that aspect with no issues arising. Thanks for any help provided.

LightBurn currently does not have the option to do this, so the simplest approach would be to have the settings either manually exported / copied, or use a cloud backup service.

That said, the software assumes that these settings are not shared with any other software and does not monitor / re-load on changes. If two people were running the software, and both were set to store their settings to a network folder on close, the last ones stored would “win”, so I would be careful if you try to do this.

Material and Art Library files can easily be copied or put on network storage, as they’re just files, and stored wherever you tell them to. Having multiple running copies of LightBurn writing to these files would be a problem though.

Cheers Oz. We’re still working through our workflows and that question came up. I couldn’t find the answer anywhere so I figured that would ask. If we come up with something different than your suggestions I will post what we did. Thanks again.

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