Installing on a computer with no network options

I want to do a trial of Lightburn on my computer for my laser, but I have no modem or way of hooking it up to internet. Is there a way to do so? If I can’t do the trial version, can I buy the license and install from a thumb drive? I have a laptop I access the internet on, but a desktop I use for the laser which is a blue and white k40 with stock control. Also, will I just need the standard license for this?

LightBurn does not support the K40 stock board (M2 Nano), so without a controller change it won’t work.

We do not have a way to activate the trial without an internet connection (just long enough to verify it, not required after that). A purchased license can be activated through an email exchange, and no internet connection is required on the computer with LightBurn. You can install from a USB drive without issues.

Ah, Ok. Unfortunately, I have been off work for a couple weeks due to being quarantined because my wife tested positive for COVID-19, so money for a new controller is out of the question for now. Thank you for your time.

Do you working on compatibility to the k40 Stock Board or is this not in planing?

It’s something that will eventually happen, but progress is slow because it’s not a huge priority - there multiple are free options available, and K40’s are really cheaply made and problematic, so I’m expecting a lot of support required when we do get it working.

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