Installing Ruida Controller in Epilog


A company discovered two Epilog Legend 32X 120 Watt laser cutters in a warehouse that still work. However, there was only one computer controller. The computer went with one of the lasers to parts unknown, and the second laser has found its way to me. I know a number of people have swapped out the controller for Ruidas. I was just wondering if there was a helpful guide somewhere? I’m pretty sure I can figure it out eventually but would appreciate anything that saves me time and money, haha.


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FYI, Epilog still publishes drivers for this machine, so you can easily download and install the original Epilog drivers. No need to try and swap control systems:

VisiCut works with some Epilog controllers.

At a FabLab I was not thrilled with the Epilog way of requiring a print driver and using PDFs and line widths to set power levels. So I used VisiCut and it runs on the 3 main OS’s out there( Linux, Mac, Windows ).

One way to evaluate the machine while you figure out if/when to do a controller swap.

The setup for a Ruida is pretty simple. The basic manual you get will cover the hardware wiring and I’m sure there is plenty of help here for you here is you have issues or questions.

As with most machines, you will have to work on it’s configuration, just as you would for any controller.

I’d go with a Ruida, mainly I have one already, but the control signals and most everything else is generally compatible…

Good luck


Have you done an Epilog conversion? I thought they used strip encoders for position feedback and I’m guessing they picked lower power motors and might even be DC motors. The OP will have to post some pics of the machine unless you or others have done a conversion and know what hardware they have. It’s been about 10 years since I touched the Epilog at the FabLab but I thought the cleaning process also included cleaning the encoder strips…

Cheers! I will check them out.

Oh! This is fantastic, thank you. I was told that the drivers only work on Windows XP machines. I will try these.

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Thanks Doug! I will try downloading the drivers first; if that doesn’t work, the VisiCut will be my plan b. And then the swap as a last resort.

Cheers! It does seem like a “simple” swap.

I have not done a conversion before at all. I’ve worked with the new Epilogs and I don’t recall having to clean encoder strips… I found this one post that seems to be someone who went through exactly what I’m about to do. Sadly, though, there was no response and the topic closed.

I just googled the machine and checked the technical specs and right there listed it states:

Motion Control System High-speed, continuous-loop, DC servo motors using linear encoder technology for precise positioning.

It also appears VisiCut works with the Eplilog Legend:

Shouldn’t matter… The drivers must be present for the motors, which is hardware, just like on all the machines. They should only need the controllers motor control output signals.

There are others here that have these types of motors, so I don’t think that will be an issue.

If you have any issues, it will be configuration of the new controller :slight_smile:

It would be nice if you could post some photos of the electronic cabinet… Maybe some of us can identify some of the parts for you…

Why are you even dealing with this without an epilog controller, I thought you were going to use Lightburn?

Good luck


I know lots of DIY and cheap Chinese machines(except K40) have discreet stepper motor drivers but it’s usually much less expensive to integrate the motor control onto the controller so I figured Epilog did that. But if the Epilog Legend does have external drivers yes, it shouldn’t be too much trouble given the right background skill set.

From the string of posts, it sounds like the OP has a machine and hasn’t yet figured out how to get it running. ie old machine with Epilog saying the drivers require Windows XP and the OP going to try drivers on newer version of Windows before then trying VisiCut.

Having personally used an old Epilog 30W, the workflow is clunky and I preferred VisiCut at the time and would also prefer LightBurn but I’ve never tried to reBrain an Epilog…


Thank you all for your comments! The machine is at a local Men’s Shed (like a community garage) and I’ve only seen it once. I’m going back this weekend and I will be sure to take photos and properly examine it. All the information I have so far is from the collective memory of the members of the Men’s Shed. The machine was donated months ago and has been sat in a corner of the workshop since.

I have learned a few things from your posts that I will try first before attempting brain surgery, haha.


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Aloha again. Thank you everyone for your help. As it turns out, there is no need for brain surgery. The drivers from Epilog worked perfectly. Cheers again!


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