Installing software for a second laser

I currently have lightburn installed on my computer that I use with my diode laser. I recently purchased a new C02 laser that comes with free lightburn software. When I try to download the lightburn again I get prompted renew my license. Is there anyway to use the new license that came with my new laser? Can I have Lightburn installed twice on one computer…one for the diode and the other for my C02?

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Your license is good for two computers, if you’re nice sometimes they let you have three…

It should work if it’s a valid license…

A license is only good for a year. You can run the same version of Lightburn, but you cannot upgrade to a higher version after your license has expired.

If you got a new license and yours is expired, theirs should work, I would think…


I don’t think you need multiple lightburn software, you just need to tell the one you have about the 2nd device. just add the new laser to it, then chose the appropriate one when you go to do your burns.

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