Intentional feature or just a stroke of luck?

I use Inkscape tabbed box creator to (duh) create tabbed boxes. The saved file imports to LB as a series of coincidental-end-point discontinuous lines, even when grouped in Inkscape. I’ve not yet checked to see if there’s an easy way to join end points within Inkscape. The top-of-head manual method is tedious and LB’s Select Open Shapes and Auto-Join options are fewer clicks and work great.

Today, I noticed that when such object is selected, the marquee (aka crawl) is clockwise on the selected open shapes and when Alt-J is invoked, the crawl reverses direction. I thought I had stumbled across a wonderful feature, but I’ve since discovered after a single test object that it’s not consistent.

Is this a genuine designed-in feature or coincidental?

The marching marquee is showing the direction of the selected path(s).

If you look at a shape in ‘Start Point Edit’ mode you can easily see if something is joined correctly:


A single shape will only have one start point arrow on it.

That’s a handy feature. I suppose it’s merely coincidental that the marching ants flipped direction of travel after the joining. I’m going to make good use of the “this way only” traffic sign feature. Having construction boxes already is a winner for sizing a cut list for my usual plywood sheets. So many good things and they just keep rolling in!

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