Intentional Laser Ramping?

Hello there,
Bear with my wordology here, but I’m asking if there’s a way to direct Lightburn to ‘ramp up’ the laser power of our xTools D1 as a ‘materials test’?

I’m also asking if it is possible to ‘ramp up’ the speed controller?

Each of this would be for a 40mm line (two separate lines) starting at 5% at one end and ending at roughly 80% at the other end.

One line for ‘fill’ and the other line for ‘line’

A third line could be set at a constant 50% power with 5mm at one end and 40mm at the other.

I seriously hope what I’m asking is as clear in text as it is in thought. Just trying to ‘streamline’ the ‘test panel’ size, time, and energy use. While at the same time reducing the load on our actual laser to get further use out of it on different materials.

Thank you.

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