Interesting network problem

I sent an image to the laser with lightburn via network 3 times and the image messed up each time. I have sent others, although smaller file size, other times without issue. I then decided to burn it anyway and see what happened. You can see from the pics what happened.
I then sent the same image via USB and it displayed on the laser as it should. USB transfers about 25% faster I would guess. Didn’t measure it. Network transfer was wireless from my laptop through the router and USB was from laptop as well.
Last pic was of the tile I was burning. I ended it early when I saw it was not going to finish correctly. Edit- this was a .bmp file and is the first time I have used that file format.

If your USB cable is transferring faster than your network connection, that’s a bad sign. Ruida controllers use UDP, not TCP, which means they don’t guarantee packet delivery and their retry mechanism is pretty rudimentary. The USB connection has a maximum throughput of about 300 kb/sec, and you should easily get 3x that from a network connection. If you don’t, it means you likely have a lot of interference or network congestion, which will increase the likelihood of dropped packets. Try a wired network connection instead, or see if you can choose a different channel on your wireless router to reduce interference from other nearby devices.

Whats a good wireless interface to use?

Oz, I will give a wired connection a shot and see. Seems funny that the transfer would trash the image the same way 3 times in a row. In the section of the image that is jogged to the left, it was actually burning off the tile to the left the same amount as the right side that was not getting burnt.

File transfer from my wired desktop is very fast and the file is fine. I checked my download speed on the wireless laptop from the internet and get 36 down and 6 up. That’s what our plan provides. That should prove that my network is ok wouldn’t you think? Transferring files from laptop to desktop works fine through shared folders. Will have to try RD Works and see how that manages. This is a home network with no kids around, not a lot happening on the network.

It matters less what’s on your network, and more what kind of distances and environment are present. Standard WIFI is 2.4GHz, and competes with radio control toys, wireless baby monitors, cordless phones, and lots of other things.

Data sent over TCP has automatic retries and resilience built into the protocol, so it’s odd to me that Ruida and others chose to use UDP instead, which has less overhead, but is not guaranteed delivery. I’m sure your network is fine, but there’s a huge difference between “fine” and “perfect transmission of UDP”. :slight_smile:

Google “UDP joke”. There’s a reason these things exist:

I’m not saying LightBurn couldn’t improve - I do intend to examine the protocol handling to make sure I’m doing as much as I can to mimic RD’s delivery, but it’s worth setting expectations appropriately too.

Good joke but i’m not sure I got it all :sunglasses:


LOL… thanks for the humor ! But do i need the TC … to complete the IP ? does it matter if the wire is blue ? … JOKE >… JOKE JOKE … not hyjacking !!!