Interference? Lines When I'm Engraving

I get these lines that are most apparent when I’m engraving some graphic onto tile.

They appear to have something to do with my x-axis belt, as the lines match up almost perfectly. I’ve tried loosening them, and tightening them, and neither seems to have much, if any affect on the output.

Has anyone else had this? Any ideas as to how I could fix it?

I get this on occasion. Mine are horizontal. I have read that this can happen when you are trying to do too high of a dpi. Looks like you are using dithered engraving so I would stick with 254 dpi. If you are greyscaling photos I think you can go as high as 500 dpi. I’m not sure about this though. I would like to know how to eliminate this as well. All my belts are tight and this only happens on photos as near as I can tell. Or maybe its just easier to see in a photo.

These are ran @ 190dpi. I’ve done a dot test and had good results at this resolution before. :frowning:

I had this when my belts were too tight, and when they were too loose. Essentially the belt teeth hitting the pinion causes resonance in the belt, but there’s a sweet spot where it shouldn’t happen. If you can’t tune it out, you could try this:

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