Intermittent laser operation after starting a new layer

Since updating to latest version, 1.1.03, I have had multiple occurrences of operation where my laser fires through completion of the first 2 layers and then fails to fire when starting the third layer which is text. The image layers complete fully and after letting the project run completely to the final cut layer, the laser fires and completes the full cut on the project. The preview shows all layers as they should be and the laser follows the entire path, but not enabling the laser to fire. USB connection, Windows version software and XTool D1 laser. This is a small 3"x5" plaque for an award. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I moved your post and deleted the duplication.

If you upload your LightBurn file someone here will be able to help make it right. The upload button is the up-arrow (in the middle of the top row) of the reply box.

I’m not sure if I solved my problem, but the last 6 all ran correctly. I updated the firmware on my laser and moved the text layers to run first, no failures after that. :thinking:

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