Invalid license key from Boss

Just getting around to installing my Lightburn i got from Boss Laser and keep getting invalid license key… Can someone message me please.

This message is presented to you when the Key has been entered incorrectly. This can happen and we suggest using copy and paste to ensure what is entered is exactly the same as provided. Have you tried that?

Boss provides the key in printed form, which is unfortunate. Make sure you type the key exactly as shown, including the dashes, and double check that you aren’t using the letter O (it’s all zeros) and that you haven’t mistaken B for 8 anywhere.

Ah sorry Oz, I think you mentioned that before. I forgot they print these. I guess the non-digital copy and paste won’t work here, huh? :wink:

We had an email from another Boss customer recently, who was entering the number 8’s as letter B’s or vice versa. In addition to the number 0 vs letter O, that is indeed another one to watch out for. The differences are subtle.

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