Invert for rubber stamp

Im a newbie so wondering anyone has tips on rubber stamps. When i go to preview and invert im thinking thats what i want it to cut like but is there a way to invert before sending to laser…if that makes sense ?

Me too… I’d like to try this… Haven’t googled it, but it’s crossed my mind a bunch of times. I’ve see ‘rubber’ sheets for rubber stamps. Have no clue about the burning process.

If you watch this video, it might help. How to make Self-Inking Stamps | LIT Tutorials - YouTube

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Thanks champ looks pretty easy after watching that thanks heaps

Ditto… First video I’ve seen. Thanks for the link… (8’)

Changes in the Preview will have zero effect on the output to the laser. For “Stamp” work, you will need to ‘Mirror’ the work prior to sending to the laser.


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