IP Address Stolen

So I had an issue connecting to one of my lasers yesterday, files would not send, I couldn’t read the controller through Lightburn. I checked the cable with a tester, that was fine. I could use a USB stick to transfer files over okay, I was a bit stuck for a while. I then changed the ip address and everything worked fine. I think a smart device I installed in my house, which is all on the same network as my lasers, pinched that lasers ip address for itself, all okay now.

Usually you can bind an ip address to a MAC address via the router.

On my Linksys, you only have to see the device on the LAN map and right click it. It gives you the option to associate the ip to the device.

This will prevent this from happening in the future…


Thanks, I’ll do that.

I feel your pain. I wish I’d seen a post like this a month ago. I installed a Wi-Fi smart plug (while my laser was off) to turn my chiller on and off remotely. After that, just like you, I lost the Lan connection to my OMTECH 50W. I would get a response to the ping for that ip address, it just wouldn’t work. It wasn’t until, days later, I pinged it when the laser was off that I was able to figure it out. Thanks to Jack (and your post) I now know the permanent solution.

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