Ip Camera to LightBurn on a MacBook

Hello everybody, I have a question and I hope I placed this is the correct place.

Im using a MacBook Pro to control my Thunder Nova. I also have the LightBurn / Thunder camera installed. As I’m sure many of you are aware there’s some difficulties in regards of connecting our Mac computers to the laser/lightburn so being able to connect my camera wirelessly would greatly help me get this camera working.

Im not trying to watch the laser with the camera, just wanting to lineup my material to have a easier time engraving on my material.

I have a Raspberry Pi B+ (I think that’s correct) running ip2cam software.
On my host computer in running OBS 28.1.1, I can see the camera feed. So far so good.

In Lightburn I can’t get the software to see the stream/camera. I have forum other posts that suggested to change the camera setting to default however in the lates release it appears that option has been removed in settings. Maybe it was moved or changed and I can’t find it or maybe there’s another way that I can’t figure out.

I appreciate any help I can get to figure this out so I can start using this $300 camera.

I love LightBurn and decided to buy the Thunder Laser over some of the other products that I researched (Glowforge, Muse) because I love this software so much!!

Thanks all!

LightBurn does not support IP cameras at this time:

There seems to be lots of interest in IP cameras internally and outside LightBurn.
Please upvote IP camera support here:

It certainly hasn’t been removed. From memory I believe Mac only ever had one option but I could be misremembering.

IP camera is tricky stuff based on various posts. You may want to try different virtualization software to see if that makes a difference.

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