Is anyone else having issues with latest version

Is anyone else experiencing issues with the latest update? I wrecked some materials yesterday with inside and outside cuts because on prior version it prioritized the the inside cuts first and now it doesn’t seem to. Also now I cannot figure out how to order my jobs as that feature seems to have disappeared. Help!

The the latest version (downloaded last Friday) driving the Ruida controller seems to be working fine, I did a lot of work Saturday and it did all the inside cuts first as usual.

How do you order cuts now? Min cut every outline first and then went to the inside cuts

It cut the outlines first and an then the holes, since the material is thin and slightly warped it did not cut the holes properly as the material moved when the outline was cut. Also if you look at the cut box there is no way to order cuts. Not sure why this was removes as I use this feature almost every job.

Check to be sure your optimization settings are correct

Ok, I didin’t know there was such a thing. I will look into that, How about the cut ordering though, was that feature removed or just moved elsewhere ? How do I access these settings?

Ok found settings. I still need to know if there is still a way to manually order my cuts like in RD works. Not sure why this was taken away in this version.

And by order I mean by Priority, the settings show that you can order by priority bu there is no more priority option in the cuts window

Ok thanks to Facebook I have it figured, now there are arrow keys to the right of the cut box, that was not intuitive to figure out and the old was was faster. But at least I can do it.

I had been begged by quite a few people to add “number of passes” to the main display, and since there was already another way to change priority I removed that one to make room. Quite a few people use LightBurn on size-limited displays, so I try to keep the UI compact. Apologies for the confusion.

Ok understood, one other thing I notices is now when I click to set windows to default configuration it does not line them up on the right like it used to. Is that a new thing or is it me?

It should work - can you take a screen shot of what’s happening? I noticed issues with the “reset layout” function recently, and fixed it (or thought I did) but I’ll have to check if that was before or after the last release.