Is it posible to get data from lightburn files into some standard format like SVG?

Or is it everything forever trapped in LightBurn specific format?

Right now I need to maintain duplicate of anything that I want ever usable outside LB.

In addition, it blocks editing with LB - as any changes are trapped in LB.

Is it possible to save to SVG? Or convert LightBurn files into something standard?

Did you try File->Export?
You need to select the object(s) to export.

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It will also export everything if you don’t select anything. But yes, @laser that will allow to you export your designs to SVG, AI, and DXF

LightBurn is a Standard

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The problem with standards is that there’s too many of them! :wink:

You could do all your CAD outside LightBurn and use LightBurn only for cutting (no CAD work and no editing). If your CAD is in DXF, for example, it is accessible with a large number of CAD programs and viewers, and can be imported into LightBurn and used immediately.

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