Is it possible to add a PAUSE layer

So I’m working on a few projects that have layers that require AIR for cutting, and then some layers that required LESS AIR for engraving… I have a BOSS LS2436 and I can control the air flow on a per layer basis… but I can’t control the AIR FLOW per layer. So, what I end up having to do is pause the laser myself and screw out on the valve to increase the airflow for a CUT layer.

I was wondering if it would be possible to add in a layer option into LightBurn that would essentially “PAUSE” the laser until you hit the enter key or something on the keypad to let it move to the next layer of work. This would give you time to adjust the air valve and increase or decrease the pressure for that particular layer.

Is there a better way to do this? I’ve been thinking about running a second air line to the head and basically having an always on low pressure air stream as an option. Thoughts?

There are a couple people that have used the air assist option to enable high/low flow instead of just on/off, the idea being that even when engraving you want just enough air to keep the soot off the lens.

It might be possible for me to set LightBurn to let you pause between layers, but that would only work in cases where you actually sorted by layer (there’s no requirement for this) and it wouldn’t be possible to store jobs that worked this way on the controller itself - it would be the equivalent of LightBurn turning off all but one layer and sending it, then repeating for the others, but that’s not terribly hard to do as is.

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Thanks for the reply! I wasn’t sure if it would be possible coding wise with the controller… I’m a software developer but have no clue how these controller’s interpret something like a pause… so that makes sense.

I’m trying to think up how I would do a low/hi scenario since I think I’d always want a minimal amount of air coming out to keep debris from getting back up into the head and on the lense. Anyone have ideas on setting up a high/low pressure air configuration? If someone has come up with a solution for this I’d love to check out a link?

Thanks again for the quick reply LB Support!

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