Is it possible to set up a separate cutting offset for X and Y?


I am new here in the forum and my name is Mario.

I was asking myself if there is an option in Lightburn to enter a different cutting offset on the X axis than on the Y axis.

The reason is simple, unfortunately many lasers have a rectangular spot, at least that’s what I read, square would be great but unfortunately it’s not.
If you want to produce accurately fitting parts, this is not possible.

I only know this setting and it refers to X and Y equally

Hence my question.


I understand what you are asking for, I have drawn a quick picture to show the exaggerated affect of cutting with a rectangular burn shape. But even if you were able to compensate for this with differing kerf offsets on x and y, you are still left with issues when cutting around other closed paths eg triangles - notice that a,b,c,d offsets in the solid blue are all different.

yes you have understood correctly, also that it is not “the” solution, but at least you could compensate everything that is rectangular or square and also make precise parts.
In my case the offset is 0.16mm difference between X and Y axis.

Can you tell me if I can enter two different values somewhere in Lightburn?

Here I have an example photo of the different cutting gap

No place in LightBurn to change kerf specific to the axis, please go into the feature suggestion site (link at top of the page) and upvote the suggestion “Laser Kerf kompensation in X and Y for elongated beams” ) . If you are cutting a ton of rectangles and squares then I suppose theoretically you could either rotate the squares by 45degs prior to cutting to force the kerf offset to be the same on every side, or physically re-mount your laser head at 45deg (so you can setup your parts and material easily, and easier for machine to physically process)

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Okay, thanks.
When I see that the proposal was already made in 2020, i.e. two years old, and no change has been made to date, it’s probably pointless.
I think most users have never noticed because they only engrave or cut out parts that don’t need to fit with another.

Thanks for your help

It’s not pointless, the developers actively read all the feature suggestions, and I see no reason why it would not be technically possible and a useful feature for a lot of people like yourself.

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