Is it possible to slow the rotation of the rotary attachment

I have an Atomstack X7 with rotary attachment. Is it possible to slow the rotation of the rotary axis? The rotary is a roller type and has .625" Dia. neoprene (or something like it) covered rollers. I wanted to slow it’s roll a bit to prevent slipping.

If there is a ‘max’ speed for each of the axes you can set.

There is also acceleration values you might want to reduce on the rotary axis.

Access them ‘Edit → Machine Settings’.

While you are there, ‘save’ the current setting, before you change them. You have to ‘write’ new settings to the controller after you modify them.

When the rotary is setup, again ‘save’ the current settings under another name. You can ‘load’ the settings and ‘write’ them to the controller.

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Thanks, one other thing (for now, lol) have you or anyone noticed any problems using (Flood Fill) vs the regular burning having issues when using the rotary?

Fill flood has specific uses and can cause strange machine operations. It’s been discussed and there are lots of threads. I’m not up on it. I do have a rotary for my co2 machine. I have to slow everything down for any kind of fine work…

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When I go to machine settings, I don’t nearly that number of selections. I’ll get a picture a some point.

Click on the little arrow in the Outputs Setup to receive the dire warning.

Then you can change speed and acceleration…
You might want to write down some numbers before changing anything.

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