Is it possible to turn off the new version of Lightburn message

As topic title I don’t want to update can we turn off the nag message please? Is there a setting I can stop it? Many thanks in advance

Simon, it’s not a “Nag” it’s an important bugfix, install it and you’re done with this popup.

But forum and FB groups are full of people with issues from update so I am choosing to wait this one out. I looooove this software and work with if it ain’t broke…

Edit → Settings, in the ‘File Settings’ tab:

Having said that, if you have an Ortur laser, you aren’t one of the people who’s going to have issues, most likely. The ones still having communication problems are those using Ruida and other DSP controllers - much of the code in LightBurn that deals with controllers is compartmentalized between those two, so seeing a number of issues with one doesn’t mean those issues will affect the other.

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