Is PhotoGrav worth it?

Was looking into engraving and came across PhotoGrav. Price is a bit…hm…much ?
So i was thinking, is it really worth it ? $400 is not exactly peanuts for someone who’s just starting lasering.

I’ve seen lots of tutorials on prepping photos, but there doesnt seem to be a “system” or set method to it, just trial and error mostly. I’m not Russ, so i want to find a solution/shortcut to photo engraving. :smiley:

Thoughts on that ?

Lightburn has numerous image output modes, like dithering, or halftone. At this point there isn’t much reason to use any external photo prepping methods. Check out what this gentleman is doing with tiles and maple wood:

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Simply put … NO!

Take that statement from a professional photographer.

Lightburn software has tools within that are found in PhotoShop and CorelDraw that enhance photos. Lightburn takes that further for photo engraving by marrying the enhancement to output control. Something that Photo Grav can only dream of.

I still can’t believe the low price @LightBurn is asking for this amazing software program that does 10X more then PhotGrav does

Don’t waste your money.




I was never planning on buying it. Just was wondering what kind of “magic pill” autograv is to charge that sort of money…

Marketing !

You are smart @BaronPork



I would also say no. Waste of moola. I have purchased Photograv, 1 Touch and have found that working with Photoshop, Corel and Lightburn that Photograv and 1 touch has been a huge waste of money but hey everyone needs a tax write off. lol

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Agree but at $400 I rather write off something that makes us money :wink:

This $15 script for Photoshop is better then Photograv

This one is for Corel Draw

This one is for Gimp

This is his bundle for $30

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Just use the built in image editing tools in LightBurn. You already have everything you need right in the program. #unscripted

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Agreed ! @Grumpy_Old_Man

my point was that a $15 script is even better then the $400 PhotoGrav …but of course if you have Lightburn in your tool belt any thing above the cost of Lightburn is wasted money.



I have great success with photo wizard

Which one @christasa?

Sorry laser Photo wizard

I’m familiar with the Green Screen Wizard from my photography days but I did not know about

Can you post one of your favorite pieces you created with this software



moi je l’ai et c’est pas mal pour ceux qui sont novice!!
je peux vous l’avoir pour 25 euros !!

A $25 version of Photograv is a pirated version, and is illegal. Shame on you for trying to make money stealing software.

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Will the Photoshop plugin work with Adobe CS6 on a Mac with Mohave installed? I have a Mac Pro 5,1 that has Photoshop, and would like to get this. I also have Corel Graphics v.12 on a Windows computer

Try their free demo for 30 days. I did and it was sure not worth my money. I prefer ImagR which is free or available for purchase. And Lightburn is excellent at processing also.

No it’s not worth it, i got better results using corel draw and other methods.