Is the camera is able to do that?

I know that there are some topics on the camera, but I would like to know if, by using the camera, I will be abble to cut a printed drawing.
I will try to explain :
I would like to cut a figure I drawn. This figure is colorised before cutting and a good thing could be to print the figure, to install on the K40, to “import” the figure and to cut. With this, it would be not necessary to paint after cut.
Is the camera abble to do that? (I’m not sure I have been clear…)

Me either. :wink: Would you please share a picture for what you mean? Maybe re-phrase your question.

You should look at this if you havent already. Good demo video of the camera in use.

Yes, I already saw this video and that why I think “oh, perhaps it would do what I want”.:grinning:

In the video, the operator take a scan of the drawing and put it on the material to engrave.

Imagine just that I would like to cut the drawing directly on the paper, without transfering it to other material?

So, what is it that you want to do again?

Sorry, I clic “enter” before finishing the sentence. I edit and modify but you rply before the modification.:smirk:

But it seems that it would be possible. Just to scan and to put again on the same position.

Ah, got it now! :slight_smile: With the camera, you can place your drawing on the bed and capture the image, then without moving the art, use ‘Trace Image’ to vectorize the capture. Ungroup the resulting collection of vectors and remove unwanted elements leaving the outline. Set that outline to a cut layer and go! Is this what you are wanting to accomplish?

I think yes, thank you.
I’m trying LB for the moment and it seems that he will do all of what I want.
Just to try to engrave something now.
Thank you.

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If you draw a shape, you could scan it and cut it out, yes. Most likely you will need to clean up the scan result a little, depending on how it looks. The camera won’t give as good a scan as a true scanner, so if you have one, using a real scanner to scan the art, then import the scan and vector trace would possibly be cleaner. (or you could use the pen tool to manually trace a simpler outline)

Once you have the vectors, you should be able to cut the result very precisely. If the camera is mounted firmly so it does not move, and it is well calibrated, you can get very precise results - with my 2592 x 1944 camera, and a 700 x 500 mm bed, I can get 0.5mm to 0.25mm accuracy. The ratio of camera resolution to bed size does affect the precision - if you have a 1.5m bed, for example, your precision will be lower.

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Thank you for your answer. It reply to my question

This is a question I have as well…I’ll try to rephrase it though. Is it possible to get the camera to work similar to the feature by Trotec, where you “print a design (on wood, paper, whatever) and use the registration marks to align the image to the material”.

I think what Rick explained would work just was well (mostly).

Example would be to print a full sheet of coaster labels, glue them to a sheet of 3mill BB, then put in the laser and it would cut the coasters.


Automatic cut registration/alignment using camera detectable registration marks is not available in LightBurn currently, although it has been discussed.

Is this what you have in mind?

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yes. That would be a great feature.


Is “Automatic cut registration/alignment using camera detectable registration marks” something that is possible in the near future?

Automatic detection of registration marks is not a planned feature.

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