? Is there a button for - trun on laser for focusing

.Asking for a syllable
Is there a possibility to activate an option to activate LASER FOCUS as in

Fire button, but naked eye optical focusing is less than precise. Do the focus test and note the actual numbers.

I don’t think that Focus button is the equivalent of Fire button. It looks to be a custom button.

@Dro, edit the button in LaserGRBL and check the code that’s used for the button. If it’s straight g-code without internal LaserGRBL variables you may be able to create an equivalent macro in LightBurn. If it references LaserGRBL variables then you won’t be able to transfer it directly.

Hmm… Yeah. I was …focusing… :grin: on the “turn on laser 3%” part.

It could well be. It wasn’t apparent to me that the tooltip was specific to the focus button since that whole block of icons was circled.

And LaserGRBL has default buttons for laser on.

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