Is there a pixel trace type function in LB for images to convert to path/outline for cutting

Hi, I may have missed this so asking here:

Is there a way to take a .jpg file (or png or tiff) (for example a black image shape) and then in LB pixel trace or equivalent it into a cut path. Right now if I import the .jpg it will only recognize as image and wants to fill in the whole thing.

I am wanting to just have the black parts on white background be turned into a cut path/line.

I have another program that will do that and let me then save as an .svg, but I want to cut out that middle-man, so to speak.

Not sure how to do this in LB and thank you ahead of time, Em

Paste your image file into LB, then be sure it is selected and look for “Trace Image” in the Tools menu. It will convert the image file to vectors.

THANK YOU! Jezz can’t believe I didn’t see that when i was hunting the menus. Sometimes it’s simple stuff… Appreciate the reply:-)

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