Is there a way to create "No Go" zone(s)

I’m fairly new to this forum so I really hope this is the right place to ask this question.

I have an 80mm rotary axis 3 jaw chuck system that the tail & head stocks are higher than some of my projects. My diode laser has a fixed focal length that requires the “z-axis” to be set prior to starting job. Regardless if I setup the axis in the x or y plane my laser module will run into either (or both) stocks when travelling to/from origin. I had thought of just starting the job at the beginning of my workpiece but have noticed I can be off center of my piece by a couple of mm causing each of the multiple items to be just a bit different - think of engraving numerous pens, small glasses or etc with bride & groom name/date but each etching is just slightly different enough to be noticed. I would really rather not to have to go back to the rubber roller type of rotary axis.

If LB cant set this kind of “no-go” zone, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

There’s nothing like a “no go” zone like you’re describing. As far as other ideas can you post a photo of what you’re dealing with?

I’m not able upload actual pictures - shop is 10 miles from home. But I harvested some photos that might show what I’m trying to do. I’m not an artist, so please excuse my attempt @ art.

Consider a platform of 450 x 950mm with the 4th (3rd) axis rotary (~350 x 100mm) if on X-Plane sitting at 200,50 (front left corner). Origin is at 0,0. As the diode laser travels from 0,0 to ~350,100 (left side if pen, etc) it will crash into head stock at ~300,50. The same type of thing would happen if orientation is in the y-axis.

Whoops, i think i may have just figured out what i can try, please let me know if im on the right track.

If i were to set my origin to directly south of where my pen started, wouldn’t the y axis travel due north and keep the laser from hitting the head stock? Maybe some times you just have to write things down to see the trees through the forest…

I think that might work but you’d still want to check the laser path to make sure there are no unexpected moves in there.